In-Page Content Management System

Our Content Management System is possibly the most intuitive and easily usable CMS on the market. When we originally started development on the Well Site Studio platform, the goal at the time was simple—build a better content managment system.

Most, if not all, of the major CMS platforms require you to edit content through an administrative screen, which then feeds your web page. This presents the user with two problems. First, it can be difficult to find the actual content you wish to edit. And second, you cannot see the actual page which is being edited.

With the Well Site Studio Content Managment System, you simply navigate to the page you want to edit (signed in as an administrator, of course), and click a little button (that look like this Edit Content Section). You will then be able to edit the content through a visual editor (no HTML skills required), and update it right on the page. You can even add photos, videos and other files to use in your page. It is simply the easiest way to make updates to your website.

Video Demonstrations

To see exactly how our content management system works, please view the tutorials below. For best results view the demostration videos in Full Screen mode (option link is at the bottom right of the video viewer).

Tutorial 1:
Content Entry with text, photos & video
Tutorial 2:
Custom CSS & Javascript

Tutorial 3
Including a form or survey