Mobile Web Site


Chicago Home Fitness Mobile SiteWith the explosion in the number of mobile browsers in recent years it makes sense to have a mobile version of your website available to your visitors. While some devices do a decent job of rendering "full" sites, the scrolling and zooming can be annoying to say the least.

Many websites use an alternate URL, such as, and will redirect you to the mobile site home page automatically. However, for anyone who has arrived at one of these sites through a search engine can attest to the inconvenience of not being able to get to the page you want.

At Well Site Studio we use a different approach. If your site is mobile-enabled, it is exactly your site, URL and all, optimized for mobile. So if a visitor arrives on your page from a Google search, they will get the page they were looking for, and not some mobile landing page. The URL in a regular browser is the same URL in the mobile browser, with basically the same content.

This methodology is a logical extension of the MVC approach to web development. The mobile version of your site simply presents a different view than your standard site, however when possible the same functionality exists for both versions. We have developed mobile views for many of our site applications, including our blog and eCommerce applications. The mobile version of certain applications are enhanced with location-specific features, such as our store locator tool which will give you directions based on your current location.

Please take a look at the brief video below which demonstrates how the desktop version of your site and your mobile site match up, URL for URL.

For more information about getting your site optimized for mobile, contact us.