Online Ticket Purchase

Our proprietary online ticketing systems put the power of event management in your hands. We have two ticketing systems, one for event registration and one for assigned seating.

Event Registration

This module allows you to create an event with a predetermined amount of tickets. Your visitors simply register and pay for the tickets, and you are provided with a list of attenders. You may also collect more information about the attenders such as names for each attender.

Assigned Seating & Ticketing

This robust ticketing application allows you to set up venues, including a graphical layout, which can then be used for different events. You can specify different types of tickets & price levels, and the tickets are generated in PDF form and emailed directly to your customers. This service is similar to what Ticketmaster offers, only it is yours to use freely once you have purchased the initial product. Please view our dedicated ticketing site at or view the video below to get a better understanding of this module.