Benefits To Enterprise Stakeholders

The Well Site Studio was designed from the beginning to support multiple sites using a single installation. It is quite typical for larger organizations to build and maintain several sites, either for different lines of business or for specific occasions such as a new product launch or tradeshow. This is where the power of the Well Site Studio platform can save your enterprise a considerable amount of time and money.

Each installation of the Well Site Studio will have a set of core libraries and functions, basically the engine of the platform, that is shared by all sites hosted on the server. The domain name determines the site identification, when then drives the presentation layer and content. The platform is easily configurable to have every site use a single database or you can spread the load among many databases, based on demand.

For example, an install serving 5 websites could have:

  • 5 distinct databases (1 database per site)
  • 1 database serving all 5 sites
  • 2 databases – 1 for your main site, 1 for smaller sites
  • etc...

This gives you a lot of flexibility in terms of load-balancing, and it makes upgrades, backups and maintenance much easier as the number of files and databases is greatly reduced. Also, all your enterprise sites will be on the same release version so there is continuity across all sites when it comes to administration.

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