Benefits To Site Owners

The Well Site Studio platform was designed, first and foremost, to be easy to use, period. The development of the platform was instigated by our clients' difficulty in navigating the administrative interface of other content management systems. So we set about building one that would be intuitive and user-friendly, thereby reducing reliance upon a developer to make routine content changes or add pages. With each addition or modification we keep user experience as our number one priority.

Our administration screens are simple and straightforward, yet deliver an incredible amount of functionality and versatility. The cornerstone of our platform is the In-Page Content Editor, which allows you to edit your content simply by browsing to it on your site and clicking a button (once logged in as an admin user).

A rich library of applications and features come standard with the platform, so chances are you will not have to look all over the place for the right plugin to perform a certain functionality. We are always adding native features to the product, many of which are only available as add-on purchases for other platforms, which may come from questionable sources. All of our site applications are vetted and tested to be stable and secure.

The Well Site Studio includes the tools you need right out of the box to optimize for search engines such as unique meta title and page descriptions, search-engine friendly URLs, and compliant HTML/CSS. You can easily add new administrative users and grant authorship permissions site-wide or limit them to certain pages.

Our current clients can testify to how easy to use the platform is, without sacrificing functionality. Each site is unique, and can be customized to suit your needs and preference, yet due to our unique development framework the time required to build a site is far less than you'd expect with other platforms, which represents significant cost savings.

If you'd like to stay informed of our progress as we work towards bringing the Well Site Studio to the open source community, or would like to have your site developed by our team, please fill out the form below.

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