Benefits To Web Developers

The Well Site Studio is designed to flexible for developers who want to deliver creative solutions for their clients. Many of the features that are only available as third-party components on other content management systems are native to our platform. Many of the popular developer tools that you already use are already integrated into the framework.

Using the Model-View-Controller (MVC) methodology, each site application comes with a set of default templates which can be easily overridden to display the content any way you like. The platform can be extended to easily add new applications and modules.

The Well Site Studio is built on the LAMP package (as are Wordpress, Joomla and Drupal), so there are many existing classes and functions which can be easily integrated into the platform. We plan to add aggressively to the native product, and place a focus on quality over quantity. Part of our frustration with many CMS is the sheer volume of choices when looking for add-ons and applications. We intend to find the best the the developer community has to offer, and work with the developers that create them to make them part of the Well Site Studio.

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